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Effective eBay Management

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247 CloudHub is your holistic eBay Marketplace management platform, aligned with eBay's latest API suite. From easy set up,
inventory management, intelligent pricing and promotion, to warehouse and shipping management. Let's take your eBay
ecommerce performance to the next level.

Did you know? 247 Commerce is also a Magento Partner Web Development Agency

Which makes us the only Marketplace eCommerce Agency who are also Magento certified.


The benefit to you?

Aside from building great websites and technical integrations - from web to marketplace management, we also work with
retailers daily, so understand the challenges they face. It's our quest to constantly innovate and come up with better
solutions, which enable robust web and marketplace platform management and strategy.

Combining bespoke integrations with a strong and strategic, personalised
client service and experience

Explore 247 Cloudhub and our approach to eBay Marketplace Management:

Why Choose 247 Cloudhub For Your eBay Management?

  • ✔ Experienced in marketplace integrations - 10 years in the making
  • ✔ We develop bespoke integrations & APIs, with very strong inventory capabilities
  • ✔ Strategic, personalised service - for project and account management
  • ✔ In-depth dev resource, agile to Partner change
  • ✔ We're local, with UK based developers
  • ✔ Strong in-house design function
  • ✔ Experienced, strong resource, but not too big to care about each of our clients
  • ✔ Magento Partners & experienced with Magento Enterprise customers
  • ✔ Affordable and offer a fixed price
  • ✔ Profit making, so low risk to you (unlike some other marketplace agencies)

eBay's New APIs Suite


eBay introduced a new suite of retail-standard Sell APIs, providing a major advancement from their Trading APIs
(designed over 10 years ago). While eBay continues to support Trading APIs for existing integrations,
all new integrations must choose between the new and traditional models for core selling capabilities.

Retail-Standard Selling

SKU-based inventory management

Modern API technologies (REST, JSON)

Fixed price format (auction support will be added later)

Latest capabilities

Traditional eBay Selling

Listings-centric selling

Older API standard (SOAP, XML)

All listing formats


eBay New APIs:





*Slow adoption of eBay's new API by retailers (and marketplace solutions providers), means there is an opportunity, as retailers may struggle for time with getting to grips with eBay's single product structure.


247 CloudHub provides a range of integration options based on retailer needs.
Each eBay API we build is now in the new API standard (unlike some other Marketplace providers).

Our Inventory feeds are compliant with the new product create workflow, with seamless use of aspects and item specifics,
This means your product inventory management will be aligned with eBay's latest item specific API and product management fields.

- Adopting this new API techonology means that your inventory is modern and futureproofed. You'll benefit from compliance,
and therefore, higher visibility on eBay (vs. your competitors and the many other eBay marketplace providers still using older API standards).

However, we're happy to work to your requirements around traditional Trading APIs if you require us to.

eBay Promoted Listings

eBay is keen to better reward sellers with clean listings and strong seller ratings by promoting seller listings. Well performing retailers have seen significant ROI from using this function, plus it enables granular levels of control.

Promoted listings is a great tactic to bid dynamically and intelligently, to outbid your competition, push sales of a new product or clear time sensitive stock.

Quick & easy set up | No hidden costs | Real time reporting | Guidance on which listings to promote
Improve ROI on ad spend | Increase your store traffic



247 CloudHub has ready made built in features which enable you to promote your listings straight from your interface.

247 CloudHub Promoted Listings Functionality:

Best offers


Volume Discounts

Product Discrepancies

Products Eligible for Promotion

Promote Your Listings

= Compliance, status and intuitive, pro-active recommendations with 247 CloudHub

Powerful eBay Marketplace Features

247 CloudHub offers bespoke and custom integrations for Promotions, Item Specifics, Inventory and Order Management


Set-Up: Quick & Seamless Integrations

  • Seamless API integrations. Easy set up and integration of 247 CloudHub with eBay, couriers and payment gateways, plus with multiple marketplace platforms
  • Customise shipping rates, automation rules and order workflows

Meet the needs of your business, across marketplaces and your website.

  • Set editable user roles and permissions and based on what your admins need to view
  • Customise user screens and quick links for ease of use
  • Log all user and application activities for key activities such as edits, feeds, quantity adjustments and order management

Simple creation, logging and understanding of users and their workflows.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

In addition to compliance with New APIs,247 CloudHub also enables:

  • Easy management of all your product data
  • Ensure high levels of marketplace' compliance with real-time platform feedback
  • Utilise ready-made recommendations to resolve any inventory issues
  • Bulk and partial product data import and export helps save a lot of time, via FTP or API
  • Quick and efficient listings: Match eBay products against Amazon catalogues before listing, to ensure marketplace alignment and save time
  • Sync your product availability and quantities across marketplaces to avoid oversales

Enjoy the positive impact on your seller reputation and performance from optimal inventory listings and management. 247 CLoudHub is an inventory specialist platform.

Intelligent Pricing & Placement

  • Create and Manage eBay Promoted Listings, Multibuy and Best Offers from 247 CloudHub, to boost visbility and drive more sales
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors, by outbidding them, or by strategically lowering prices to drive more sales volume, on a category or per-product basis
  • Utilise real-time dashboard insights, to measure performance and make adjustments
  • Give a push to new in products using eBay integrated 'Promote your listing' functionality
  • Run queries on slow moving stock and price accordingly to push sales

Maximise the benefit of eBay marketplace product inclusion, inventory, order and shipping management by ensuring you work strategically to maximise your bidding intelligence and sales.

Order Management

  • Monitor your inventory all the way from purchase to warehouse to shipping
  • Create smooth and efficient order workflows with real-time order creation
  • Integrate shipping and advanced automation rules, managed from a single interface
  • Free up merchants' time by eliminating repetitive order fulfilment tasks
  • Minimise the risk of administrative errors
  • Save time with automatic inventory updates
  • Export and import orders, plus merge
  • Print picking lists, invoices and courier labels from within the order interface
  • Send to FBA - order can come from eBay and be sent staight to FBA, through 'Shipping 'Injection'

Improve your marketplace efficiency.


How Will 247 CloudHub SHINE in Supporting You?

Our expertise lies not only in our platform, but also in account management and support, strategic insight and innovation


Our pricing is set realistically. You get full access to all 247 CloudHub features, plus our support, all at a reasonable monthly cost. We only win if you're winning.

Platform Support

We want you to get the best from 247 CloudHub. Therefore we offer platform support and actual human interaction to all of our Enterprise customers, to ensure efficiency.

Tactical, Strategic Input

247 CloudHub has a wealth of functionality that can be tactically used to support your eCommerce strategy. We love to regularly share insight and opportunity with our clients.

Wider Services

We also love working on the wider digital and web piece, to ensure your eCommerce strategy is bound. Talk to us about development, design and marketing.

Innovation Roadmap

Our work is never done. As eBay evolves its technology, we evolve to keep ahead. We're also always looking at ways to
improve 247 CloudHub's features and ease of use, creating roadmap releases - across platform integrations, inventory
management, payments and reporting, plus the intuitive use and efficiency of our platform.


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What Else Can You Have Included With 247 CloudHub?

Take advantage of one of the fantastic following features, at no extra cost, when you sign up to 247 CloudHub:

A Free Magento Website

We're serious about helping you grow! As a Magento partner agency, we can provide you with a fully functioning Magento store.

A Free eBay Store Design

Give your eBay store that polished, brand look and feel. We'll design your store inline with your brand, or as you require, within your package.

(We can also create your bespoke package to include multiple additional services)

We're proud to have worked with on 247 CloudHub & eBay:

247 CloudHub Customer Testimonials

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Improving Your Seller Rating with 247 CloudHub

eBay Seller levels: Maximising your seller reputation

Implementing best practice, systems and processes to help you become a top rated seller.

Detailed seller ratings

For additional insight into a seller's performance, buyers can also view your detailed seller ratings.

This is a breakdown of how you've been rated by your buyers in the following areas:

  • Item description - How accurately was the item described?
  • Communication - Did you communicate well with you buyer?
  • Postage time - How quickly did you send the item?
  • Postage and dispatch charges - Were the costs reasonable?

You can view detailed seller ratings by selecting the number in brackets next to your username. Here you'll find stars next to the four different area's with 1 star being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest.


What you need to know

Your seller performace level is affected by your transaction defect rate, cases closed without seller resolution, and late deliveries.

Detailed Seller Ratings

Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Item as described 17820
Communication 19239
Dispatch time 17708
Postage and packaging charges 22292
eBay Criteria To Become A Top Rated Seller 247 CloudHub Function To Achieve

Provide relevant, quality and compelling descriptions, to maximise your listings engagement and conversion, plus minimise returns.

COPE. Create once, publish everywhere. Import your product descriptions from your website and publish across eBay and all marketplaces, or manage your descriptions from within CloudHub and publish everywhere.

Minimise your 'transaction defect rate' (0.5% maximum allowed).

Manage your inventory and stock levels, across eBay and all marketplaces simultaneously, to avoid overselling. Restock items or place out of stock with one click.

Minimise your 'late delivery rate' (3% maximum allowed).

Manage your orders - from transaction, to warehouse and picking, to dispatch, seamlessly from a single interface. Print picking lists, invoices ans courier labels from within the order interface. Integrated shipping providers ensure automated dispatches. Save time, operate efficiently, and keep your customers happy by not keeping them waiting.

Keep your postage and dispatch charges reasonable.

You'll have your own contractual relationships with your couriers, which will, to an extent, dictate your postage fee. With 247 CLOUDhub, you can be strategic in your product pricing, testing and optimising pricing, dynamically, to find the sweet spot between volume of orders vs.profitability, product price vs. postage price. Utilise tactical promotions.


Our eBay Marketplace Vision

To identify key challenges facing retailers and provide the marketplace solution to help:

Major eCommerce challenges for retailers:
  • Inreasing competition
  • Price competitiveness
  • Shipping costs
  • Time poor
  • Managing product content
  • Data quality & insights
  • Inconsistent brand experience across channels
  • Strategic insight
  • Impact on seller reputation

What do retailer really want from their marketplace solution?

From our 8 years+ of marketplace integrations and management experience, working across clients, we believe that what retailers most want is:

  • Low cost
  • Platform flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Strategy and support, when you need us
Business improvements from using 247 CloudHub:
  • Time efficiency & saving
  • Sales Growth
  • Inventory management - across marketplaces
  • Multiple marketplace expansion
  • Faster marketplace expansion
  • Profitability
  • Marketplace competitiveness
  • Automation and dynamic
  • Shipping and storage efficiency
  • Returns processing
  • Product placement

Winning Customers From Other Platforms

If you've previously worked with other marketplace integration platforms,
we regularly onboard their previous customers.

Here are 4 reasons why:

Reason 1:

Whether your commercial objective is to grow or to maintain market share, we strongly advise that you do not rely only upon Marketplace sales. Your website (should you have one) and its traffic driving channels should remain a core focus to maintain and grow your brand.

Marketplace sales should be as a part of your wider ecommerce strategy, not be the core focus of. (this spread, and therefore, minimises risk, should you ever run into problems with any of the core marketplaces (it can happen! from time-to-time, through inventory or customer service challenges).

Reason 2:

When you use our platform, each of its tools work for you 24-7; for repricing, constant item revisions, order management… With no hidden fees.

Reason 3:

We strive to build partnerships with our customers. Your success is our success. You come first.

Reason 4:

...As such, we are not a mass customer off the shelf generic solution. We work with select chosen clients who we prefer to work with so we can really focus on helping our customers grow their sales and improve business efficiency, working as strategic partners to best utilise all of 247 Cloudhub's functionality, aligned with your commercial goals and opportunities.

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