Magento Commerce Cloud Features

 Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Features

Take your Magento Commerce experience to the next level by integrating Magento 2 Cloud's powerful hosting and deployment architecture into your eCommerce solution.

Upgrading from Magento Commerce: powerful Cloud hosting features

Magento Commerce Cloud offers a powerful automated hosting platform architecture, derived from the Magento Commerce software.  Upon implementation of Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, you'll benefit from all base Commerce software functionality, as well as these exclusive Commerce Cloud features:

  • Automatic build-and-deploy for rapid development

  • Each pushed code change in PaaS environment prompts continuous deployment

  • Customisable hosting environment configuration and tools

  • Enhanced Cloud-based security provided by Amazon Website Hosting

  • Scalable AWS architecture

Why our customers come to us:

  • Merchants without an internal development team, needing to utilise our extensive in-house Magento resource

  • Or needing to outsource additional work away from internal team

  • Or don’t have a sufficient internal dev team to implement technical changes and improvements

  • Needing a quick means of resolving Magento eCommerce issues, platform upgrades and hosting requirements

  • Wanting to save money vs. having an internal employee

  • Requiring an external Magento Certified Partner agency to support their eCommerce strategy


The Magento 2 Commerce Cloud stack

Magento 2 Commerce cloud at development level, is built up of a stack of 5 fundamental functions:

Level 1: Content Delivery Network and Website Application Firewall

Level 2: Performance tools

Level 3: All Magento 2 Commerce features and functionality

Level 4: Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Level 5: Powerful Cloud Infrastructure (AWS hosted)

Secure Git-based deployments

When deploying code, we use a Git-based system to streamline future processes and to keep consistency. We keep production environments private and read-only for extra security.

Infinitely scalable

Control your Magento Commerce Cloud platform from wherever you are. Magento 2 Cloud can be used to scale your eCommerce capabilities using its user-friendly Magento multi-store functionality.

Continuous Magento Cloud delivery

Using production to audit UATs, and UAT’s to audit development, Magento’s cloud-based services ensure continuous releases, monitoring, development tools and deployment efficiencies.

You are in safe hands:

Certified Magento Partners

Full-Service Magento 

Focused team of Magento developers

30+ Magento Certified Specialists

Over a decade working within eCommerce

Established catalogue of happy clients.

"It's not often I can be overwhelmed with a service these days, but this is as good as it gets.” 

Steve Tonrow, Direct Products

What Next?

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