Magento Ongoing eCommerce Support Services

 Magento eCommerce Support Services

As a Magento Certified Partner Agency, we provide project based and ongoing Magento support services and SLAs for merchants, including platform and server maintenance, development, optimisation, upgrades, and enhancements. 

How we can help Magento merchants:

  • Magento 2 support packages and SLAs
  • Website design and development support
  • 3rd party system integrations
  • Magento version upgrades
  • Bug fixes and testing
  • Self-hosted server maintenance, patches, and upgrades
  • Amazon AWS Partners for hosting support and solutions
  • Magento specialist consultancy - for eCommerce, digital strategy, and best practice

Why our customers come to us:

  • Merchants without an internal development team, needing to utilise our extensive in-house Magento resource 
  • Or needing to outsource additional work away from internal team 
  • Or don’t have a sufficient internal dev team to implement technical changes and improvements 
  • Needing a quick means of resolving Magento eCommerce issues, platform upgrades and hosting requirements 
  • Wanting to save money vs. having an internal employee 
  • Requiring an external Magento Certified Partner agency to support their eCommerce strategy


Magento web design & development support

From designing an entire eCommerce core web structure to performing a platform-wide brand alignment service, our Magento design and development experience can help support, upgrade, and improve your eCommerce platform. Our certified team of Magento specialists can edit and redesign layouts and themes to enhance your brand and UX/UI to improve the customer experience. 

Magento 3rd party system integrations

From payment gateways and shipping/logistics integrations to ERP and CRM solutions, our Magento developers can support you by working directly with Magento’s internal APIs, allowing them to integrate over 200 partner integrations directly into your eCommerce platform. We can also scope and build custom APIs to integrate with any external solution.

 Magento 2 version upgrades and security patches

As a Magento partner agency, it is our job to stay ahead of the latest patches and security updates. If you need to upgrade from an older Magento version to the latest version, to keep your eCommerce platform and functionality stable and secure, we can help. We also have an in-house solution to upgrade any Magento 1 merchant to Magento 2 in less than a day with our out-of-the-box Magento 2 Blueprint solution.

Magento Bug fixes and testing

Problems with your Magento website? It can happen, through plug-ins, content and catalogue changes, design enhancements, CMS challenges or other. We can help with any backend or frontend bugs you are experiencing. Our development support team can also correct source code and resolve any multi-store issues you may encounter. We undertake stringent bug resolution and testing as part of our SLA support packages, or as part of a larger adhoc project requirement. 

Trusted Amazon AWS hosting partners

As trusted Amazon partners, we can integrate AWS hosting solutions, directly into Magento’s native API. Our development team can also ensure security patches are up to date. Need to configure and manage your server infrastructure to increase server traffic and/or product database sizes? We can facilitate greater bandwidth to ensure higher traffic and demand without hurting your website speed, at key high traffic trading periods, or to support your eCommerce campaign activity. 

Magento eCommerce and digital consultancy 

Outline your business’s overall commercial objectives and our team can help you with a technical and digital eCommerce strategy and roadmap. Backed up by data and industry knowledge, our strategic alliance and experience can be a very valuable means of tackling and achieving your business’s eCommerce and commercial goals. Whether marketing, website backend, design, or analytics, we have a supportive in-house, London based team that can support you in success.

Our Magento SLA time allocation and response times:

Support SLA hours & days allocation

Our Magento 2 support packages and SLA (Service Led Agreements) are available in hourly and person day options (with rollover option). 

Support hours can be used for support, training, maintenance and change requests.**


- 4 hours

- 10 hours

- 15 hours

- 30 hours

- Half day each day **

- 2 Magento devs each day **


 **Minimum commitment applies to dedicated SLA resources. 

Incident management - SLA response times

Our incident management response times are as follows for our SLA clients, based on severity:


Incident Management - Incident Severity Details (SLA)
SeverityDetailsResponse TimeResolution Targets
Severity 1Complete malfunction and no access to the website, extensions or server managed by 247 Commerce under Contract, or if there is a significant loss in online transactions.  1 hour4 working hours
Severity 2Important Coding or Content technical issues that cause business impact2 hours6 working hours
Severity 3Content or Coding problems that do not cause business impact1 day3 days
Severity 4Design change, improvement or a customisation/ extension required by the client.1-2 daysBased on viability and scope of work

Our Magento ongoing SLA support process:

1/ Onboarding and briefing

We will arrange a session with you to establish your brief and understand your key commercial objectives. This gives our us the opportunity to get to know your business and your customer, so we can become joined-up in our solutions, as an extension of your internal team.  Your account manager will also set you up with access to Jira, our project management tool, to ensure transparency and clear communication.

2/ Analysis and solutions scoping

Understanding the structure, set up, logs and performance of your Magento website allows us to then troubleshoot issues and solutions in a time effective manner, plus 'requirements gather' all necessary information to be able to scope our proposed solution(s) and time/cost associated with. As well as answering your brief, we will also offer additional insights which can help you trade more robustly.

3/ Strategy and support implementation plan

Your support plan will be tailored to align with your original commercial objectives. We will provide you with the agreed scope of work and a roadmap for your Magento eCommerce requirements. This will be a comprehensive breakdown, bound by planned sprints (with an agile methodology) and Jira, to ensure that your technical and commercial requirements are met, on time and within budget.

4/ Development, testing and delivery

We will implement all development work in accordance with pre-agreed scopes and sprints. Customer relationships are important, and your account manager will keep you updated along the way, as per the roadmap and scope of work. No development work gets published to the live staging environment until it has been stringently tested; by us, and then by you. 

You are in safe hands:

Certified Magento Partners

Full-Service Magento 

Focused team of Magento developers

30+ Magento Certified Specialists

Over a decade working within eCommerce

Established catalogue of happy clients.

"It's not often I can be overwhelmed with a service these days, but this is as good as it gets.” 

Steve Tonrow, Direct Products

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