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Needing to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2,
or migrating from another platform?

With dozens of Magento migrtions and Magento web builds by our team, including 30 certified Magento developers, you are in great hands...

Magento 1 has retired, forever

From 30th June 2020, Magento 1 is no longer supported.

Security patches are also no longer available.

Minimise your risk: Migrate to Magento 2 quickly with our Rapid Deployment solution.

Let us migrate you quickly:

We will come back to you within the hour! (in working hours)

Migrating to Magento 2

If your business is currently using a Magento Community version between 1.5 to 1.9, you will already know that support for Magento 1 ended in June 2020, as have software security patches. Magento's full focus has moved to Magento 2 Open Source and Commerce solutions. Therefore, we recommend migrating to Magento 2 urgently, in addition to all benefits the latest platform offers.

Why Migrate?


Magento 2 offers a huge leap forward in flexibility and functionality over Magento 1, including significantly faster load speeds, a responsive front end, and easier integrations.


Your customers will also benefit from a smoother experience, including a simpler checkout process, stronger responsive/ mobile friendly design, and improved security.

Sustainable &

Magento 2 is now, and the future. Magento, module developers and the Magento community are all focusing on excellence for this platform.


Magento 1 software is now unsupported, including security patches, which can be incredibly risky for your ecommerce operation.

What is the Migration process?

When deciding to move your store to Magento 2, it is important to develop a robust migration plan detailing how and when planned action is to
be taken during the process to ensure the migration runs smoothly.


Step 1

Review your

Review of current extensions and identify which ones are needed, to carry across, or update.


Step 2

Plan your

Scope out any advanced functionality and look ahead to longer term requirements, utilising Magento's flexibility


Step 3

Create and test
Magento 2

Install Magento 2 and set up your new store (maintaining similar design to your existing store).


Step 4

Start the

Stop any Magento 1 activity (bar order management functions), migrate your data across and test.


Step 5

Update your

Before launching, any additional data such as new orders, customers, reviews etc. Into your Magento 2 store


Step 6

Let us go
live :)

You may experience a few minutes of downtimes as your DNS settings are changed before going live. You are live!

Our Magento Migration Service

Quality migration and strong project management

We've successfully delivered a wide range of Magento Migrations. Our team of 44 certified developers literally breathe all things Magento! Our project management team supports you from start to finish, with all projects binded by a thorough scope of work, project plan, agile methodology and regular, agreed project review points.

We prides ourselves on being: Professional | Transparent | Thorough | Agile

Minimum lead time

Time is money. With a strong in-house resource, we can complete your project quickly…
Simple projects within 1 month (ready-made theme, with core extensions and custom functions, default shipping/payment)
More complex migrations in 1-5 months (web design, many extensions, multiple database assets, custom functionality, custom shipping/payment methods).

Our pricing is very competitive

Unlike smaller agencies, (where complexity and time of learning, and therefore impact on cost), our team of 30 certified Magento developers work efficiently and quickly, meaning our cost is very competitive. All quotes are tailored to your project needs, once we've received a brief. However, we can offer indicative quotes quickly.

Ask us for an indicative migration quote

Peace of mind with our warranty

We appreciate that you are busy, and that some small details can be sometimes overlooked. This is why, in addition to our own thorough testing, we offer you a 3 month post project completion warranty period, allowing you time to be fully comfortable and happy with your project delivery and shiny new website, as per the pre-agreed scope of works, plus ensure that your website is running optimally.

Upgrading to Magento 2 from another platform?

We love bringing companies onto Magento!

If your business is considering switching to Magento 2 from another platform, you are not alone. Whilst there are other eCommerce platforms that help business get online and achieve initial revenue gains, these platforms typically then fall short in terms of custom functionality, more sophisticated features, integrations, reporting and databases, which help enable a smaller retailer grow into a larger, prosperous one. This is where Magento can excel.

Migrating to Magento from Shopify, BigCommerce or any other platform is obviously not a simple operation; it involves changing database structures, themes and working with new APIs.

However, expertly planned, and managed, what can look like a daunting process can become a seamless and trouble-free process, enabling you to then start to achieve your full eCommerce growth potential.

Why work with us?

We are Magento certified partners, so whatever your project, you are in safe hands

More than just a website; our solutions can also help your website increase its revenue. That is the whole point, right?

We are local and easy to speak with and meet, whenever you need us

To-date, we have successfully built and launched dozens of Magento websites for our clients

With an in-house team including 30 developers, we literally live and breathe development

We are agile in our methodology, meaning an efficient and fast turnaround of your project

We are proud to have worked with:

Some of our work

We are only happy because our clients are

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