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Magento 2 Website Design Services

As a Magento Certified Partner Agency, our Magento Web Designers and Services can help you in bringing your eCommerce vision to life, by increasing engagement, conversion and improving the customer experience.

Magento design services we provide:

Whether your business is upgrading to Magento 2 from another platform,  or is perhaps in need of a template or theme overhaul; we can work with you to deliver Magento design solutions that meet your commercial objectives and improve the customer experience.

Our design solutions:

  • Entire website design project as part of your Magento web

  •  Custom theme design

  • Template redesigns (including Product, Category, Home, Blog, Checkout, Email)

  • UI and UX improvements and overhaul (with improved user engagement and conversion rate at the core)

  • Server optimisation (keeping your current design)

  • Website brand alignment 

Who do we work with?

  • Magento merchants without an internal design team

  • Or needing to outsource additional work away from internal team to boost capacity and meet commercial deadlines

  • Or don’t have a sufficient internal dev team to implement designs

  • Needing to turn around a design project quickly

  • Wanting to save money vs. having an internal employee

  • Requiring an external Magento Certified Partner design agency

Holistic design solutions for Magento merchants:

Web design for Magento site build


To support the development of your new Magento website, we provide a holistic design service to ensure your eCommerce platform reflects your audience, products and commercial objectives, through absorbing your brand guidelines and looking across all web templates and core user journeys, plus available legacy website data. Implementing design at the time of development ensures a joined-up approach, from considering all page templates, user journeys and business requirements for both development and design.

Magento UI/UX redesign


Enhancing the UX/UI Design of your website means thinking all about customer experience and usability, with the objective of making your web pages engaging, easy to navigate and read, facilitating strong user journeys. Adopting a data led approach, using video recordings and heatmapping data, plus ensuring cross-device and responsive compatibility, a UX/UI overhaul is a recommended approach to improving the customer experience, driving improved engagement and conversions.

Magento custom template design

Custom Template designs are a great method of optimising the user experience of your Magento website. With your brand and customer in mind, we can work with you to enhance your home page, category pages, product pages, checkout or blog, optimising core templates to perform better.

Magento custom theme design


Making sure that your Magento site design reflects your brand is key. This can be tricky with a new brand, or when changes are made to the brand guidelines. We can build a custom theme, allowing us to revitalise your brand whilst keeping your existing, familiar layout.

Magento server optimisation


Keeping your current designs, we can also move them to one of our optimised Magento 2 servers, allowing you the familiarity of your former website, with enhanced server properties designed to boost conversions through speed and stability.

Magento website brand alignment

Consistency is at the forefront of our designers' minds when working on merchants’ websites. Each page template should hold consistency to another in terms of fonts, colours and styling. We can support you with consistent alignment across your Magento platform. 

Our Magento eCommerce design process:

1/ Onboarding and briefing workshop

We will arrange an onboarding workshop session with you, to establish your brief and understand your commercial vision for your Magento design project. This provides us the opportunity to better understand your business, and your customers, plus to align ourselves as a team. You'll also meet your project manager and strategic lead, onboarding you to our Jira project management tool and agile sprints based methodology. 

2/Brand immersion and analysis

We will begin our creative process by absorbing your brand guidelines and understanding your tone of voice, style, look and feel, also looking at your core competitors and websites you like, to identify differentiation of positioning. Next, we undertake data-led analysis using heat mapping, video and analytics tools, so we can design based on previous learnings, ensuring both a qualitative and quantitative approach. Persona analysis is also an option.

3/ Initial design concept and mock-ups

Having immersed ourselves in your brand and creative brief, we then like to create initial mock-ups of core page templates, a design concept if you like, with 2-3 options. This helps us to identify our creative vision and collaborate with you to gain feedback on what is liked and what requires more creative thinking, which can often then save time over the course of the design project.  

5/ Wireframing

Wireframes will be created for each page template, to ensure functionality, hierarchy, user journeys and call-to-actions are encapsulated, with an optimal layout for mobile, desktop and responsive. We invite your review and sign off before proceeding to design of templates. Testing of wireframes to a focus group is also an option.

5/ Final designs and sign off

Our Magento designers then align your wireframes and signed off concepts into a strong design, seamlessly interwoven into each page template. We will hand over to you for review and sign off, with iterations where needed. Testing of designs to a focus group is also an option.

6/ Delivery

At this stage, the signed off designs are handed over to our team of dedicated Magento developers, who will implement into the website, and then undertake stringent device and browser testing prior to the launch of your shiny new website!

You are in safe hands:

Certified Magento Partners

Full-Service   Magento

Focused team of Magento Designers

30+ Magento Certified Specialists

Over a decade working within eCommerce

Established catalogue of happy clients.

"It's not often I can be overwhelmed with a service these days, but this is as good as it gets.” 

Steve Tonrow, Direct Products

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